Excerpt from Dept of Energy Article- Bogus/Counterfeit Parts

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Excerpt from Dept of Energy Article- Bogus/Counterfeit Parts

Postby gahorn » Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:38 pm

When counterfeit parts are used there is no traceability of quality or integrity and when a part fails there is no warranty to back it up – no liability is incurred. More importantly, counterfeit parts in a system can injure or kill when components and systems fail as a result of the use of counterfeit materials. The worst confirmed accident in the air from counterfeit parts occurred in 1989 on a Convair 580 turboprop charter plane carrying 55 people from Oslo, Norway to Hamburg, Germany. At 22,000 feet over the North Sea, the tail section of the craft began vibrating violently and tore loose. The plane splattered over 3 miles of sea. Everyone aboard died. Norwegian investigators painstakingly dredged up 90 percent of the 36-year old plane and found the cause: bogus bolts, bushings and brackets. The charter company Partnair, went out of business, and the origin of the parts was never determined. (Lubbock Avalanche –Journal 1996) The Federal Aviation Administration estimates that 2 percent of the 26 million airplane parts installed each year are counterfeit, which equals approximately 520,000 parts. The June 10, 1996 cover story in Business Week found that bogus airplane parts played a role in at least 166 U.S. based incidents and malfunctions involving small aircraft during a 20-year period, 1973­ 1993.

The actual aircraft involved

The salvaged aircraft

Accident synopsis: https://aviation-safety.net/database/re ... -0&lang=fr
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Re: Excerpt from Dept of Energy Article- Bogus/Counterfeit P

Postby ghostflyer » Wed Mar 25, 2020 11:07 pm

It’s a major issue of bogus parts in the aviation industry and not only having issue of bogus parts , it’s also bogus certification. There was a issue of genuine parts being sold but these were purchased in bulk and then split up by a parts dealer and then they were raising 8130 ,s without authorisation. Even airforce 1 got caught out in the bogus parts issue .not naming perpetrators but there now a issue of the same parts being made in the USA and in China . These American companies are now owned by Chinese companies . I have seen parts with correct certification but found they were made in China . Their quality was questionable . There wasn’t a part number stamped or printed on the components. This opens a Pandora box.
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