Augmentation System Boeing 737 MAX 8 WHY?

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Re: Augmentation System Boeing 737 MAX 8 WHY?

Postby Ryan Smith » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:08 pm

c170b53 wrote:I’ve been working in this biz for awhile. As far as I can tell it’s always been a cat and mouse game between the rule makers and the players when it comes to an airplane.
Ryan I hope you’re not offended by my musings. I guess I should tread carefully here, I hope I’m not offending others.
I deal with professional pilots everyday and as you would expect, most are human, but sometimes there’s variables. I was called out to a 777 dx this week, seems the RP had done a walkabout and had relayed some concerns to the captain about fluid below the engines. I walked into the cockpit and explained that a puddle is something you have to walk around, a leak is something we all have to do, and a drip or two is something some of us have to deal with after a leak. And the good news, neither engine has a fluid discharge falling into one of those categories. The F/O then pointed out that the most important thing for the RP to inspect were the engine drain masts and if he found them missing, he should get in touch with the previous crew and commend them on their flying technique. Awkwardly the RP shows me a picture he took of the fluid which was just ice on the lower wing surface , melting. I left the cockpit, couldn’t help but think, yes that’s a new pilot looking ahead at a rising hill, the Captain maybe contiplating the road ending and a F/O possibly forgetting the road he’s taken.
I think every pilot I’ve ever met wants to do a good job.
This is simply a terrible event needing some sleuthing to prevent further loss and suffering.

Definitely not offended, Jim. Just trying to guilt trip anyone listening to letting me add another 170 to the logbooks. :lol:
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