Grimes Landing Light Issue! 1948 Ragwing

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Grimes Landing Light Issue! 1948 Ragwing

Postby alanbaker » Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:35 pm

Hi guys, I have been searching for a while to no avail.

Last night when returning home from a sunset flight I decided to use my landing light for visibility in the pattern. It worked great!

Upon taxi back to my hangar I flipped the switch that drives the landing light back up, up and then forgot to turn it off as soon as the light was up.

Today it's unresponsive like I have blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker but I can't find which one! I have 6 fuses and 4 circuit breakers and all are fine. Additionally I found an in-line fuse under the panel but it was fine as well. The labels are worn off of everything so I am just checking them all. Not really sure which ones are which, but they all appear fine.

Any ideas?

Additionally has anyone elected to leave it down permanently? I was warned when I bought the aircraft that the lights are getting hard to find parts for. Is it worth it to just leave it out and maybe just unhook the motor. I didn't really notice the additional drag but I can't say I was paying particular attention to it at the time.

Thank you for your assistance!!!!

Alan Baker
1948 ragwing #18700
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