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Tennessee to Alaska

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 5:48 pm
by eskflyer
Just finished a great adventure Murfreesboro Tenn, to Kenai AK, AA16 runway. Many of you know Keith getz and His 170B N170AK. Well I just bought her from Keith and together him in his 180 and friend and I in the 170 were wheels up on 5-6-19 at 8:35 AM headed to AK . 15 stops for fuel and overnights. 6 days of fun filled adventure. Meeting great people all along the way.
final destination on Saturday 5-11-19 at 6:30 pm AA16. The 170 now joins our family of 2 PA22/20's both 160hp. The day after we got her home she got new feet on her bigger tires and a 1A175SFC 8040. What a difference these made in the performance of the plane. The engine now spins up to 2700 straight and level and takeoff is greatly improved.

I had to privilege to meet Frank and alot of others at the Murfreesboro airport. Thank you all for the hospitality.

If you have ever considered but never done a big cross country or flown to AK . DO NOT WAIT adventure is jut waiting for you.