Jughead Trip Report - Anacortes Time Machine Part 2

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Jughead Trip Report - Anacortes Time Machine Part 2

Postby counsellj » Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:50 pm

Continued from Jughead Trip Report - Anacortes Time Machine Part 1

The remainder of the ride was a beautiful scenic tour. It included bald eagles, a historic little country store that a lovely couple in their 80’s have been running most of their lives, green pastures, blooming fruit trees and alternating aromas of ocean beaches, bays, cedar forest farms and one other great view, F-18’s. Just 4 miles from this island is NAS Whidbey Island, home to the E/F-18 Growlers as well as P-3’s. While I prefer my F-15, it was great to see and hear another twin-tailed, twin-engine, McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) supersonic jet fighter flying overhead.

Grocery Store.jpeg
An American Classic

Beach 2.jpeg

Oil Tankers Filling

Old railway bridge converted to pathway
As I completed the 37 miles of riding and entered the fence at the airport again, my bike took me into the future. Anacortes offers several brand new BIG hangars that feature two large windows on the doors. PERFECT! I could just slowly ride along and discover what was inside each one. In the last hangar I found not just any C-170, but a project airplane that many in the association may have heard of or been following on blogs and other social media. Unfortunately no one was around so I headed back to my bird to start loading her for the trip home. As I was walking back from the pilot lounge after changing back into my flying clothes a car pulled through the gate and immediately made a beeline for my -170. At the wheel was a young man with eyes full of enthusiasm asking if the blue and silver bird was mine. I told him it was, introduced myself as Jughead and asked if he was the owner of the project I had just found in the other hanger. He immediately replied, “Yes, my name is Kyle and would you like to go see it?” We spent and few minutes looking at and talking about 97B before we headed over to his hangar. Over the next thirty minutes I was completely overwhelmed not only by this project, but by the great person Kyle Fosso is. His excitement, workmanship, pride and motivation to produce a outstanding -170 restoration was so evident as he showed me all aspects of his project and explained how this journey had been progressing. But I was more impressed by what this young man represents. Here was exactly what we want to find in America’s future generations. He was extremely kind and respectful. He possesses a self-motivated, work ethic that is enviable. He has set a goal, obtained skills and training to accomplish it. Kyle has worked hard at many different jobs to finance this project. I won’t divulge all of Kyle’s plans for the airplane, but I will say that his goal was to produce a C-170 the way it would be build now, if they were still in production.

Kyle Fosso

I think he is right on track. I encourage you to visit his Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/2771C, and learn more about this outstanding young man and his dream that is quickly becoming reality. Many of you may have seen his numerous post on the 170 forums requesting information or looking for parts. I encourage all our members to continue to help this young man achieve his dream of returning another beautiful round tail to the air. I would say he may also be a great candidate for one of our scholarships. As I left Kyle to deal with another Pacific Northwest “Bigfoot sighting,” I transitioned from the future to the past.

In particular back to 2003 at Pensacola, Florida. As an USAF fighter/instructor pilot, I was assigned to NAS Pensacola as in Instructor Pilot with VT-4, a joint Navy/ Marine NFO, USAF WSO schoolhouse. But I am getting ahead of myself. A few weeks ago I saw a posting on a local aviation forum from a gentleman that had a Swift for sale and was looking for a four-place aircraft as a replacement. I traded a few messages with him before I called him to tell him about a Bonanza I knew about that might fit his needs. The gentlemen noticed the 850 area code of my phone number. This is odd for a Washington resident because 850 is from the Florida panhandle. I explained that I was USAF retired and spent time at Tyndall and Pensacola. He response was, “Oh, I was in Pensacola as well.” As many of the veterans in the group can attest, this quickly turned into a game we call, “Where/When/Whom.” Where were you assigned, When were you assigned and Whom did you know. Well Jason told me he was a student at VT-4 back in 03’ and was now stationed at Whidbey Island NAS. Below is an excerpt from the ensuing email exchanges.

“Very long shot in the dark here. I remember a guy who ejected out of an F-15 and instructed at Pensacola. The more I think of it, could have sworn his call sign was Jughead. How far off am I here?” - Cosmo

“Just looked you up on Facebook, and sure enough, I recognize ya! I may be off on the ejection story (a lot of it was a blur back then). Small world none the less!” - Cosmo

“I was at VT-4 from 2001-2004. So we must have crossed paths. I searched my logbook and didn't find your name.” – Jughead

So after 12 years, several different military assignments and aircraft, GA flying brought two squadron mates back together on this same airport that had already offered so much to enjoy. I was able to meet Cosmo’s beautiful wife and catch up on the last few years, but Cosmo had a test flight to conduct and I had to get home to my lovely wife and daughters so we could make the hockey game on time. So, while I got to quickly admire Cosmo’s Swift, I didn’t get to see his Luscombe.

Therefore, I see a need to return to Anacortes soon to exchange some flying and see the latest on Kyle’s project.
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Re: Jughead Trip Report - Anacortes Time Machine Part 2

Postby hilltop170 » Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:59 pm

Great story Jughead! Good to hear from you, keep us in the loop on the rest of the story. We are always looking for new personal interest stories for The 170 News, hint, hint.
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Re: Jughead Trip Report - Anacortes Time Machine Part 2

Postby counsellj » Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:20 am

Already ahead of you Richard.
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Re: Jughead Trip Report - Anacortes Time Machine Part 2

Postby Kyle Wolfe » Mon Mar 02, 2015 12:01 am

Jughead, thanks for sharing! Nicely done.

And I to have enjoyed following a younger "Kyle"! :wink:
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Re: Jughead Trip Report - Anacortes Time Machine Part 2

Postby DaveF » Tue Mar 03, 2015 3:54 pm

Another great trip report! Thanks for taking the time to write it up.
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